Ah Girls Go Army star Glenn Yong visits secondary school juniors, autographs their uniforms

Parents of Peicai Secondary School students, if you caught a scribble on your kids’ uniforms on Wednesday (May 25), chances are it was an autograph from Glenn Yong.  

The actor, best known for his appearances on local drama Victory Lap and Jack Neo’s Ah Girls Go Army, accepted an invitation to return to his alma mater, where he shared with his juniors his experiences of secondary school and being in show business

In an Instagram post, the 25-year-old said: “More than 10 years ago, I sat there in the hall in my (Peicai Secondary) uniform thinking one day I’m gonna come back to inspire the next generation of Peicaians. Today, it came to pass!”

Besides sharing his experiences, the actor also showed off his vocal chops – he had previously lent his voice to the official soundtracks for Victory Lap and Live Your Dreams – with a special performance of an unreleased song for his enraptured audience. 

Yong’s juniors reciprocated his enthusiasm for returning to school, with one student’s Instagram story showing a long line of her peers coveting an autograph. 

Of course, he acceded to their requests – which included some students asking for his signature on their white uniforms. Reposting some of the autographs, Yong joked: “Sorry, may have destroyed a lot of uniforms today”.

Some of the autographs Glenn Yong signed on Peicai Secondary students’ uniforms. (Photo: Instagram/@glennyqh)

If the autographs were an issue, Yong’s former teachers definitely paid no mind to them as they expressed their joy over being able to reunite with him.

In a reposted Instagram story, teacher Fadhilah Abbas said: “I truly appreciate your praise (made many students jealous), taking your time to drop golden nuggets of encouragement to your juniors (even during photo taking) and dropping by my class (super touched, lah), to share with them the value of the subject and coursework. My work is done. I can retire.”

Besides working in showbiz and interacting with his juniors, Yong recently joined media company ConfirmGood as its head of marketing.

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