Bodybuilders demonstrate against a military takeover

Bodybuilders demonstrate against a military takeover

On Wednesday in Yangon, members of Myanmar’s national body building team and some of their supporters staged a peaceful protest to express their opposition to the military takeover of the government.

The protest is being held to demonstrate solidarity with the Myanmar people who have taken to the streets to demand the end of military rule.

“Normally, we avoid politics, but deposing a democratically elected government is intolerable. This is the reason for our protest. We stand with the people of the country as practitioners of physique sports who have represented the country and are also involved in sports education. This protest will communicate to the international community the wishes of Myanmar’s physique sports community throughout the country,” a spokesperson for the Myanmar physique sports community, who requested anonymity, said.

According to the demonstration’s organizers, additional protests will be held by bodybuilders from other states and regions.

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