BTS Jimin’s Seoul apartment seized because he didn’t pay health insurance, group’s agency admits fault

After reports in the Korean media about Jimin of BTS getting his apartment seized because he didn’t pay his health insurance premiums, the K-pop group’s agency has released a statement to clarify matters.

Biz Hankook reported on Sunday (Apr 24) that Jimin’s apartment at Nine One Hannam in Seoul, South Korea, had been seized by the National Health Insurance Service on Jan 25 due to unpaid health insurance premiums. The publication added that Jimin had received four written notices with regards to the seizure.

Later that day, Big Hit Music responded by saying that the problem arose from the company’s “negligence” as some mail had accidentally been left out while being forwarded to the artistes’ dorms.

The statement added: “Due to Jimin’s activities abroad starting at the end of last year, his extended period of rest, and his scheduled activities abroad after that, he was unaware of matters such as (his premiums) being overdue. As soon as he found out, he paid the arrears in full, and at present, the situation has been resolved.”

“We apologise for the fact that we have given the artiste and fans cause for concern due to our company’s negligence.”

According to Biz Hankook, Jimin’s apartment was released on Apr 22.

The singer bought the apartment last May for around 5.9 billion won (US$4.7 million).

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