Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver says he hires ‘cultural appropriation specialists’ to vet his recipes

Jamie Oliver has decided to put an end to all accusations of cultural appropriation by revealing he hires “offense advisors” to approve his recipes. 

In an interview with the UK’s Sunday Times on Sunday (Jan 23), the chef and restaurateur shared his experience with foreign cuisines – and how he employs “teams of cultural appropriation specialists” to make sure he does not commit past mistakes by offending people of certain cultures.

The popular food personality has been criticised for his interpretation of various dishes, including his take on the West African dish Jollof rice in 2014 and Jamaican jerk rice in 2018.

Even popular YouTube sensation Uncle Roger has regularly taken potshots at the Naked Chef star’s creations, including his “all wrong” egg fried rice in 2020. That video went viral after the UK-based Malaysian comedian called out Oliver for everything, from the ingredients used to his cooking methods, including the use of pre-packed rice.

“You hear sizzling? I hear my ancestors crying,” Uncle Roger had lamented. “This guy, I think he just hates rice in general.”

Regarding his “cultural appropriation” incidents, Oliver told the Sunday Times: “Your immediate reaction is to be defensive and say, ‘For the love of God, really?’ And then you go, ‘Well, we don’t want to offend anyone.’”

Oliver rose to fame after his debut TV show, Naked Chef, and later went on to launch numerous cookbooks and several TV shows. He is also an advocate for healthier options for school-going children and specialises in providing quick and easy-to-make recipes.

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