Girl killed by Myanmar junta shelling in Magway’s Pauk Township

A five-year-old girl was killed on Wednesday when regime troops shelled her village in Magway Region’s Pauk Township, according to local sources.

The incident occurred when a military column of around 70 junta soldiers raided the village of Kyar Pyit Kan at around 7am, residents told Myanmar Now.

“They came across the Yaw River, which is west of here. Before they entered the village, they opened fire with heavy artillery, hitting and killing the child,” said one villager.

Other members of the family were also injured, he added.

“The entire family was hit. An artillery shell fell right on their breakfast table,” he said, speaking on condition of anonymity.

According to the villager, attempts to save the girl failed because the soldiers continued to pound the village relentlessly, forcing its inhabitants to flee.

After taking control of the village, the soldiers remained there until the following day, when they started setting fires before leaving.

“Half of Kyar Pyit Kan is gone now. We tried to go back to put out the fires, but we had to run away when they started firing heavy artillery at us again,” said the local.

Kyar Pyi Kan is a village of around 500 households. According to the villager, most of the southern part of the village has now been destroyed.

A local defence force called the Young Revolution Front said that  the group clashed with the junta troops as residents and resistance fighters attempted to extinguish the fires.


Weapons and ammunition seized after the resistance attack on the police post in Taung Kalay on November 21 (Supplied)

Taung Kalay is located on the road that connects the towns of Mudon in Mon State and Kyainseikgyi in Karen State. Vehicles travelling on the road were caught in the fighting on Monday.

Around 100 regime soldiers and members of a pro-military Border Guard Force (BGF) retook the outpost after the resistance forces left the village, according to a local resident.

“The current update is that the BGF, police and the military have re-occupied the outpost. The other side has retreated from the village,” the local told Myanmar Now on Tuesday.

Around two-thirds of Taung Kalay’s inhabitants fled soon after the fighting began, while others followed the next day, he added.

“Some residents who couldn’t get away had to hide in nearby caves,” he said.

Additional reporting by Linn Htin

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