How to protect your Facebook Business Manager from hacking

How to protect your Facebook Business Manager from hacking

There are 8 steps to avoid being a victim of a hack.

Nowadays, in the ‘cyber world,’ where lockdowns force us to conduct nearly all of our interactions online, the internet has become indispensable to our daily lives. A (virtual) world in which we can socialize with our friends and family, as well as a (virtual) environment in which we can control the direction of our business.

As with any other aspect of our social (virtual) world, the internet has the potential to pose threats to us as individuals or business organizations. These are referred to as hacks. They can occur almost anywhere, at any time, emphasizing the importance of remaining vigilant and implementing online safety measures.

How to protect your Facebook Business Manager from hacking

Business Manager is a feature on Facebook that enables you to organize and manage your business. The majority of businesses can leverage this tool to carry out their activities and reach out to target audiences via advertising campaigns. With so much vital data stored on Facebook Business Manager, it is critical to keep your account safe from potential hacks.

Enable Two-Factor Authentication in Step 1

This is an extremely important step to take to ensure the security of your account. 2-Factor Authentication (2FA) is a critical security measure that guards against unauthorized access to your Facebook account and password. Following setup, each time an unrecognized browser or mobile device attempts to log into your account, you will be prompted to enter a unique one-time code. Using your smart phone or other device, you can enable and/or disable the instant alert feature.

Step 2: Conduct an audit of all authorized logins.

You can view login locations and check for any unauthorized devices accessing your account in the security and login settings. The Facebook team recommends that you complete this step in conjunction with enabling 2FA. This method will log out any unauthorized or unknown access to the account.

Step 3: Conduct regular access audits

Examine the business help center to conduct regular audits of your account, providing complete visibility into who has access to your Business Managers and advertising accounts. This feature will keep you up to date on access rights, removing and adding approved users as needed.

Step 4: Constantly monitor your account’s advertising and spending.

On a regular basis, review any active advertisements and account billings. This ensures that ongoing operations are not disrupted.

Step 5: Ensure the security of your passwords

Passwords are a critical component of maintaining an online account. It is prudent not to use your Facebook password for any other online platform, a practice that all Business Manager users should embrace. Httpool recommends creating strong, unique passwords and regularly updating them.

Step 6: Never share your login credentials with anyone.

Scam profiles and bogus e-mails may request your login information; please avoid clicking on any links that appear suspicious.

Step 7: Ensure an additional layer of security

Assure users that they can increase security by enabling additional security features, such as instant login notifications and approvals.

Step 8: Conduct a security scan

Facebook recommends a security checkup tool that enables users to review and adjust their personal Facebook account’s security settings. Httpool recommends that you use this tool to ensure that no suspicious activity has occurred on your social media accounts.

How to protect your Facebook Business Manager from hacking

In Myanmar, Httpool is a Facebook-authorized sales partner. To learn more about the security of your Facebook Business Manager, please contact our team.

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