Jungkook of BTS inspires Chipotle to change its Twitter name after he mispronounces it

American fast casual restaurant chain Chipotle knows a priceless PR opportunity when it sees one, which is why it changed its name on Twitter to Chicotle for the time being. And it has BTS’ Jungkook to thank for all the extra attention being given to its burrito bowls.

On Sunday (Jan 23), the K-pop group uploaded a behind the scenes video of several members relishing a burrito bowl from Chipotle after their performance on talk show, The Late Late Show With James Corden.

“How do you eat this? What is this, Chicotle? Chipotle?” Jungkook asked in Korean, while J-Hope added, “I thought they said it was chocolate at first!”

The pair took turns to share the meal, which they both looked to be enjoying and Jungkook paused to tell the camera how good the food was. “This is so good. I love this. I want to eat this every day.”

Chipotle quickly got in the game by tweeting, “It’s chicotle from now on”.  As of Wednesday morning, Singapore time, the restaurant’s Twitter handle still reads Chicotle.

They’ve also partnered with the US BTS ARMY for the first 7,000 BTS fans in the country to get a free burrito bowl with the use of a promotional code.  

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