Lee Seung-gi speaks up after rumours surrounding his relationship with Lee Da-in

South Korean actor and singer Lee Seung-gi finally spoke out against the rumours surrounding his relationship with actress Lee Da-in. 

It may only have been public knowledge for slightly over a year, but rumours had already been circulating that the two had broken up.

The 35-year-old Lee, known for his roles in A Korean Odyssey and Mouse, finally issued a clarification on Sunday (Jun 5). 

While marking his 18th anniversary in the showbiz industry, Lee released a statement on his personal website, which was accessible only to fans with a membership.  

He said: “I think our (Lee and his fans’) past year has been one where we lacked communication and hurt each other. I have been staying quiet despite the commotion because I thought my words may get emotional and I wouldn’t be able to convey my thoughts clearly. 

“I was afraid that speaking as such would’ve only led to further misunderstandings and pain. I was also afraid that what we talk about might get leaked to other outlets or get distorted into further rumours and gossip, which would only cause more hurt. 

“So, please understand my silence despite some of you having repeatedly asked me to clarify my position. I didn’t say anything because there was no change since our relationship became public. 

“I felt there was no need to further speak on it, but apologise if this had upset you. Please blame me for my flaws, and I seek your understanding.” 

The couple revealed in May last year that they had been dating since the end of 2020. According to Soompi, many industry insiders were already aware of the relationship before the reveal.

The news of the relationship had triggered a wave of backlash from some of his fans, as the actress’s family was involved in a financial scandal – her stepfather Lee Hong-gun was indicted in 2016 for manipulating stock prices.

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