Local actress Tan Kheng Hua writes heartwarming note to her daughter: ‘I love you forever’

If you’ve followed Tan Kheng Hua on social media for a long time, there’s just no missing it – she simply adores her daughter Lim Shi An, with posts dedicated to her and exploring their relationship every so often.

The 59-year-old actress’ most recent Instagram post on Monday (Jun 6) followed her pattern of meditating on how Lim, 24, has grown over the years. She expressed her feelings alongside a series of photos of the mother-daughter pair, with Lim in her graduation gown. 

Lim, 24, had graduated last December from the National University of Singapore (NUS) with a bachelor’s degree in theatre studies and a second major in business management. 

In the caption accompanying the photos, Tan said: “She’s gone and done it. Went behind my back and did it while I wasn’t looking. She grew up. Caught me off guard. Took me by surprise.”

She continued: “A young lady, tall and willowy and wise has taken over my baby’s body. I know this lady and yet I don’t. And this doesn’t bother me at all.  

“I look forward to getting to know this new person, stepping into her new world with fresh new energy. I love everything I know about her and I will love everything I don’t know and hopefully will learn about her. 

“Many times she teaches me something new, points out something I cannot see, brings me to new places I never knew I could go to. Other times we hold each others’ hands and jump off cliffs, or fumble in the fog. It has to be done. 

“Loving forever is like that. And I love you forever. My love. Look for good, for kind, for generous, for patient, for laughter, for hope, for the best sorts of love. And everything will be ok. I promise.”

Lim also shared one of the photos taken by local photographer Kenneth Tan (also known as Kenneth Power), with the tongue-in-cheek caption “oops I (didn’t) iron my gown”.

Lim Shi An’s (right) Instagram story post with a photo of her and her mother Tan Kheng Hua. (Photo: Instagram/@shiiiannn)
In addition to being a freelance artist with fashion brand Love, Bonito and advertising firm Hogarth Worldwide, Lim has also taken on acting roles like both her parents. In 2021, she acted opposite her father Lim Yu Beng in the series Sephia, which is available on meWATCH.

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