Love satay? Say hello to Pizza Hut Singapore’s newest offering, the chicken satay pizza

Satay lovers, here’s some great news. Pizza Hut Singapore has launched its latest flavour and it’s chicken satay pizza, available from Friday (Apr 1) 

It’s decked with cheese and topped with marinated chicken chunks, ketupat rice, cucumbers and sliced onions, all on a savoury house special peanut sauce. 

You can enjoy the pizza on its own or make it a full-on feast with new menu items such as the half spring ayam bakar with ketupat (S$19.90 a la carte), creamy curry chicken pasta (S$13.50 a la carte), chicken satay baked rice (S$15.90 a la carte), sweet chilli wings (S$8.90 for six pieces) and sweet chilli hashbrowns (S$4.50 for six pieces). 

And of course, you’ll need some dessert to wash it all down so why not try the Gula Melaka doughnut with ice cream ($7.90 a la carte) to satisfy your sweet tooth?

Having some company over at home? Don’t make a mess in the kitchen and order the Satay Feast Box bundle instead. It comes with one regular chicken satay pizza, one regular pizza of your choice and two sides of your choice, priced at just S$44.90. It’s perfect for a group of five to six people. 

And if you love a good deal, you’re not going to want to miss this. Enjoy 50 per cent off one chicken satay pizza for takeaway and two chicken satay pizzas for delivery. So what are you waiting for? 

For more information, check out this page.

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