Marvel actor Jeremy Renner says he’s home from hospital after snow plough accident

Actor Jeremy Renner says he is out of the hospital after being treated for serious injuries from a snow plough accident.

In response to a Twitter post on Monday (Jan 16) about his Paramount+ TV series Mayor Of Kingstown, Renner tweeted, “Outside my brain fog in recovery, I was very excited to watch episode 201 with my family at home.”

Renner was run over by his own 7-ton (6,350kg) Pistenbully snow groomer in Nevada while trying to use it to free a relative’s vehicle on a private road near Lake Tahoe on New Year’s Day, authorities said.

The accident left him in critical condition with major chest trauma and other injuries, according to a Renner representative.

Authorities are still investigating but have said there were no signs that Renner was impaired and no indication of any foul play.

The 52-year-old two-time Oscar nominee plays Hawkeye in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and has a recurring role in the Mission Impossible franchise.

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