Mediacorp radio stations land 9 out of the top 10 spots in Nielsen survey

Mediacorp has landed nine out of the Top 10 spots in the ranking of radio stations in Singapore, securing all Top 5 positions. It also commands 83.8 per cent of the radio market share – measured by the quantity of 15-minutes spots listened across Singapore’s radio stations  eclipsing that of competitors.

Out of the 11 hours and 46 minutes that listeners spend on average tuning in to radio stations in Singapore weekly, 10 hours and 27 minutes (that makes up 88.8 per cent) were on Mediacorp’s radio stations. 

These findings are based on a Nielsen radio survey conducted from August to October 2022, which tracked radio listenership via diary recordings by 2,014 adults aged 15 and above. The results were weighted by age, sex and race to be representative of the Singapore population.

The company’s roster of free-to-air (FTA) and digital radio stations continues to be the premier choice for 88.6 per cent of all adults in Singapore who tune in for more than 10 hours weekly. Mediacorp also expanded its audio reach to capture 3.8 million listeners weekly. This is measured by the total number of unique and unduplicated radio listeners.

Reigning champion YES 933 emerged on top again – the Mandarin language station boasted a record 964,000 listeners (22.4 per cent of weekly listenership) after attracting an additional 30,000 listeners since the 2021 Nielsen radio survey. YES 933 also claimed the top digital station spot with 457,000 digital listeners.

Coming in overall second by a narrow margin is LOVE 972, with 951,000 listeners (22.1 per cent of weekly listenership).

Placing overall third is Class 95, which also marks its top English radio station position. The station recorded 877,000 listeners (20.4 per cent of weekly listenership) who spent an average of four hours 30 minutes listening weekly. The station’s digital listenership also jumped from 231,000 to 446,000, marking the highest increase among all stations surveyed.

In fourth place is Chinese station CAPITAL 958 while Malay language station Warna 942 is in fifth place. Seventh place goes to 987 while eighth place is GOLD 905.

Breaking into the Top 10 for the first time ever is English news station CNA938 in ninth place, with a weekly reach of 380,000. This includes a digital listenership of 292,000, representing a 79.1 per cent growth in digital reach, or 129,000 listeners, since the last survey.

Also breaking personal bests is Oli 968. Securing the 10th spot, it achieved a record listenership of 348,000.

Mediacorp’s Chief Executive Officer, Tham Loke Kheng said: “To be continually recognised as the top audio network in Singapore is not an accolade that Mediacorp takes lightly. We are committed to delivering the finest content to entertain, inform and inspire listeners across all demographic segments, and are proud that the latest Nielsen survey has affirmed our success in doing so.

“As we celebrate being the preferred audio network for a record 3.8 million listeners, we will continue working hard to curate the music they love, create compelling content they enjoy, and connect with them across our network.”

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