Meet 5 celebrity yoga instructors at Glow Festival who are leading the wellness scene

With their lithe and toned limbs, six-pack abs (but of course), winning smiles and impressive social media followings (we’re talking millions here), it’s easy to want to emulate celebrity yoga instructors – or at least look half as decent as they do in tight Lycra-wear and a man bun.

Time to break out your best Lululemon outfit and meet these five celebrity yogis off the screen and on the mat at Glow Festival 2023 from Feb 4 to 12. The event, branded as Asia’s largest wellness do, is back for its second run after its 2019 initiation in Sentosa.

The studio space, about the size of four tennis courts in Marina Bay Sands’ indoor expo hall, is where you’ll get your heart rate going – or your balance fine-tuned – by these experts. If you’re wondering “who?”, here’s a rundown of the five yoga trainers who will be in town. Classes are ticketed. 


The US-born Landazuri is no stranger to bendy Singaporeans, having guest-taught in many yoga studios here before. To the uninitiated, this mobility expert crossed paths with yoga almost 20 years ago to help with running-related injuries. He then began teaching yoga in 2007 while pursuing a dual master’s degree in medical pharmacology and cardio pulmonary surgery.

Landazuri’s knowledge in anatomy and science led him to create his style of yoga, Body Smart Yoga, that heals injuries as well as increases functional strength and flexibility. You can expect detailed pose breakdowns and an anatomy-focused approach in his sessions.

What to expect: Arm balances and progressive flow using his method.


If you have Netflix, you might already have caught Kest’s follow-along vinyasa yoga sessions on TV. (Who says corpse pose on the couch is the only yoga pose you know?) This yogi grew up practising ashtanga at age 17 with his father, who is one of the first yoga studio owners in midwest US. While espousing the mental aspect of yoga through meditation, the Nike Master Trainer is also a fan of mixing things up in his practice.

What to expect: Yoga fused with modern elements in his Hip Hop Vinyasa and Ashtanga Remix sessions. His inversions and acro yoga classes include poses from acrobatics and Thai massage. 


If you’re not keen on the religious aspect of yoga, Stiles’ secular approach might suit you better (her students include wellness guru Deepak Chopra and home workout queen Jane Fonda). 

The New York-based model-turned-yoga instructor, who started doing yoga videos on YouTube in 2006, does not follow any school of yoga. She also doesn’t use Sanskrit names for the poses and certainly no chanting (but she does incorporate meditation) in her Strala Yoga classes, which feature the principles of tai chi, yoga and qigong. 

What to expect: Build strength, flexibility and balance evenly in the body.


Bisk is a former pole vaulter, and a yoga and pilates teacher. The Perth-based exercise physiologist battled chronic fatigue in 2011, which forced her to retire from competitive sports – and create her own training style. She has more than 15 years of experience coaching just about everyone, from elite athletes to weekend warriors. 

What to expect: A deep core and glutes activation workout as well as pilates classes for sculpting and stretching.


Not just a practitioner of vinyasa yoga, the Queensland-based instructor also does pilates and HIIT-styled workouts, so you can expect a mix of various fitness elements in her classes.

An interesting fact: Elise suffers from slipping rib syndrome, where a rib spontaneously shifts out of place or sub-dislocates. Despite the painful monthly occurrence, she is known for her light-hearted and fun classes.

What to expect: Vinyasa classes with guided meditation and pranayama practices.

The Glow Festival runs from Feb 4 to 12 at Marina Bay Sands. For more details on the events and where to catch these fitness trainers, go here.

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