‘Old uncle’ Elvin Ng faces questions from kids: Are you single? Did you make less money during the Circuit Breaker?

Elvin Ng displayed his witty personality as he appeared in the first episode of Hello, Big Shots! Season 2, where six inquisitive (to say the least) kids get a chance to interview Singaporean personalities. 

The kids lobbed their hard-hitting questions at the Heartland Hero star, some of which left him dumbstruck, but the 41-year-old actor took it like a champ.

Right off the bat, Ng was asked if he was single, to which he cheekily replied, “For today, I’m single”.

When another kid asked if he had a girlfriend “in real life”, Ng responded, “If I had one, she’ll be waiting outside for me”, to which the kid retorted, “Maybe she’s at home cooking for you”.

The cute conversation about girlfriends went on a little longer as Ng joked that women “always get married shortly after I ask them to be my girlfriend”.

“They don’t want me. Why is it like that?” he quipped. 

“Maybe it’s ’cos they think you were just playing with them,” offered one girl, while another boy chimed in, “Like an uncle”.

It’s clear that Ng really does “know how to play with kids” as he claimed at the start of the episode as he gamely entertained their funny questions while they called him “old uncle”. 

One question that did stump him for a bit was when he was asked if he made less money during the Circuit Breaker period in 2020. The kid who was curious about that clarified that he asked because filming would have stopped during the period so he assumed Ng would have made less. 

The actor gamely explained that he gets a salary every month and he had to film other things during that time, such as public service messages about COVID-19, so he still got paid. 

And now we all know.

Watch the video to find out what else he had to answer.

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