She starred in both Squid Game and All Of Us Are Dead – what’s next for Lee Yoo-mi?

It’s been a pretty exciting time for Korean actress Lee Yoo-mi, who landed supporting roles in two of the biggest Korean dramas on Netflix globally. 

The 27-year-old played Ji-Yeong (aka Player 240) in Squid Game – where she got offed playing marbles in one of the more emotional moments in the series – and in the teen zombie show All Of Us Are Dead, she played the selfish Nayeon, where she also gets killed off.

Incidentally, Lee filmed both shows at the same time, which meant juggling a few things. 

For one, having to switch between playing two characters with entirely polarising personalities was a challenge, Lee said in an interview with South Korean newspaper Hankook Ilbo, as reported by Soompi.

“When I was filming All Of Us Are Dead, I intentionally tried to fill up my acting (with intensity and emotion), and when I was filming Squid Game, I emptied myself before acting,” she recalled.

Lee Yoo-mi with Jung Ho-yeon in Squid Game. (Photo: Netflix)

She also added that because both dramas were filmed outside of Seoul, it was a struggle having to commute back and forth constantly. 

Her two roles seem to have paid off, with her Instagram followers having shot up to 7.9 million since Squid Game was aired. But with all the attention comes the scrutiny, of course. And while people sympathised with Ji-Yeong, her character Nayeon has a villainous side to her – which means she does get hate comments. 

But Lee said isn’t bothered and, in fact, enjoys reading them. “I don’t get hurt. I even feel happy when I get hate because I think it means I did a good job acting and portraying my character’s emotions,” said Lee, adding that the massive success of both of her shows has left her “overwhelmed with joy” and feeling “very lucky.”

And she’s ready for more. Lee said she’s been getting a lot of scripts to choose from, and is “diligently reading” before deciding which project to take on next. 

One thing’s for certain. She now has an option to live and hang around a bit longer. “(Among the roles) there are lots of characters who don’t die and who have lots of screen time.”

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