Taiwanese singer Liu Wen Zheng still alive: Agent allegedly told to fake news of his death

As it turns out, Liu Wen Zheng is alive after all. The reclusive Taiwanese singer’s alleged death was reported on Wednesday (Feb 15) by his good friend and former agent Hsia Yu-shun, who announced that the singer died of a heart attack in November 2022. 

However, Hsia retracted his statement the very next day, saying Liu is actually still alive. 

Hsia told Taiwanese entertainment portal ETtoday that Liu, 70, had told him to fake his death.

“He is still in this world,” Hsia said. “However, he will never meet the public, so he asked me to release news of his death to avoid constant requests for him to make a comeback.”

According to the interview with Hsia, Liu was presented with some lucrative proposals from China recently, including one offering NT$2 billion (S$90mil) to do a concert tour. 

He also confirmed that while Liu had indeed suffered a heart attack last year, he has since recovered and is now in Las Vegas.

According to other reports, however, Liu is living in Asia instead. His aunt Lily Lee Levin, 94, has told media that he’s currently in the Philippines.

A superstar in the 1970s and 1980s, and immensely popular in Taiwan, Hong Kong, China and Southeast Asia, Liu was known for his classic hits such as The Promise, Late and The Drizzle in March.

He retreated from the limelight in 1991.

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