‘Thank you for correcting me’: Elvin Ng amends Instagram caption after commenter points out incorrect term

Amid the recent trend of cancel culture and calling out people for all manners of perceived slights, here is a wholesome conversation between actor Elvin Ng and a netizen on appropriate terms when referring to wheelchair users.

On Mar 2, Ng shared an Instagram post revealing his recent collaboration with local artist, Allan Tan, in a series of artworks. 

Ng described the work and shared more about Tan in his post, saying that the artist had polio when he was three and had been in a wheelchair since. 

“But he’s always been brave and positive, and never gave up on his passion for art and sports like basketball,” added the 41-year-old actor. 

It turns out, though, that Ng had to amend his caption after someone left a comment pointing out his earlier use of the word “wheelchair-bound”. The netizen politely corrected the star and suggested other terms when referring to wheelchair users. 

“Hey, Elvin. With all respect, let’s not use ‘wheelchair-bound’ to describe wheelchair users. We can get off our wheelchair sometimes, like for a bath, or to sleep on the bed, and are not completely ‘bound’ to the wheelchair,” commented the netizen, who ended the note with a smiley face and a heart emoji.

The Heartland Hero star took less than an hour to amend his post and even replied to the person’s comment. “Thank you for correcting me, I appreciate it,” Ng wrote. 

And thanks, too, to both Ng and the netizen for proving that polite and respectful exchanges can lead to meaningful lessons for all.

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