Through a partnership with 5BB Broadband, Facebook brings Express Wi-Fi to Myanmar

Through a partnership with 5BB Broadband, Facebook brings Express Wi-Fi to Myanmar

5BB Broadband, Global Technology Group’s fastest Internet Award-Winning Consumer Broadband Business, is partnering with Facebook Connectivity to use new technologies to break down barriers to connectivity.

5BB Broadband will use Facebook Connectivity’s Express Wi-Fi platform to provide fast and affordable Wi-Fi to its customers across Myanmar as part of this partnership. This initiative aims to bring high-quality network services to underserved areas that have been unable to connect to the internet due to a lack of infrastructure and prohibitively high costs. Bringing Express Wi-Fi to Myanmar enables the provision of fast, affordable, and reliable Wi-Fi, which is consistent with our mission to connect our people to affordable internet for education, work, and healthcare, among other things.

Connectivity is central to Facebook’s mission of empowering people to create communities and bringing the world closer together. High-quality internet connectivity not only empowers individuals, but also fosters knowledge sharing that benefits both local communities and global economies. Facebook Express Wi-Fi is a platform that enables 5BB Broadband to develop, operate, grow, and monetize internet access via Wi-Fi in Myanmar in a sustainable and scalable manner.

Through a partnership with 5BB Broadband, Facebook brings Express Wi-Fi to Myanmar

As the market leader in Myanmar, our suite of ICT solutions is backed by a robust data network and infrastructure that spans the country’s most important business cities and markets. Additionally, we have 11 offices in four countries. By leveraging the Group’s unique assets, including the size of its regional customer base, payment mechanisms, and extensive customer touch points, it seeks to create and seize opportunities that add value to the core business’s offerings, while also assisting customers in discovering new and amazing experiences through digital services.

This collaboration will benefit Micro SME businesses as well as local entrepreneurs interested in collaborating with 5BB Broadband. The founders of 5BB Broadband are confident that this technology and initiatives will create enormous opportunities not only for local businesses located throughout the country, but also for IT professionals/entrepreneurs, as well as for youth and society.

“Affordable, high-quality internet is critical for ensuring access to jobs, education, and healthcare, among other things. Through our Express Wi-Fi platform with 5BB Broadband, we will be able to bring internet connectivity and its benefits to a larger number of people in Myanmar.” We look forward to expanding our partnerships in Myanmar in order to provide fast and affordable Wi-Fi to a greater number of communities in a sustainable manner.” According to Tom Chottayil Varghese, Facebook’s Head of Connectivity and Access Policy (APAC).

Thein Than Toe, co-founder and CEO of 5BB Broadband, stated that the ‘carrier-grade WIFI’ will aid in closing the digital divide and ensuring that all communities are not isolated. In keeping with our company’s vision, it is 5BB Broadband’s responsibility to connect people to affordable internet, leaving no one behind. ‘5BB Broadband Express WIFI by Facebook Connectivity’ was created to ensure that people in Myanmar have access to high-speed internet. By developing cutting-edge, high-speed internet solutions for dense urban and suburban environments, this world-class technology will address the issue of under-connected urban and suburban areas where existing infrastructure restricts access to high-quality internet.

Through this partnership between Facebook Connectivity and 5BB Broadband, Myanmar will gain access to cutting-edge Wi-Fi technology. We are empowering communities by providing them with game-changing, affordable, and fast internet access. Our vision is to provide Fortune 500 computing power to the workers at Myanmar’s Coffee Shops. We connect more people to bring them closer together; this is one of our passions and we will continue to do so regardless of the circumstances,” said Shane Thu Aung, the company’s co-founder and chairman.

5BB Broadband Express WIFI by Facebook Connectivity will improve Myanmar’s connectivity to the rest of the world. We are overjoyed to be able to provide Myanmar with this cutting-edge technology. What an incredible achievement for Myanmar, for the people, and for our organization,” said Min Swe Hlaing, the company’s co-founder and managing director.

5BB Broadband was founded in 2017 and its core technologies include fiber and 4G/LTE. The service provider is committed to providing a dependable, stable, and fast service through the country’s largest FTTH (Fiber to the home) network, an enhanced network that covers 6 million people and 1.2 million households in cities such as Yangon, Mandalay, Bago, Pyay, and Mawlamyine. Additionally, it has a 4G/LTE network in Mawlamyine, Bago, Pyay, and Hpa-an, as well as Magway, covering 25 million people and 5 million households.

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