‘We are getting better’: Zoe Tay and family grieving sudden loss of pet dog

Local actress Zoe Tay recently lost her beloved dog, Tong Tong, and was so devastated that she was unable to speak to anyone for days.

Tay told entertainment portal 8days.sg in a recent phone interview that her entire family was “very upset” after the seven-year-old female miniature schnauzer died suddenly on Mar 2 after suffering from two stomach conditions.

The 54-year-old star explained that the death came as a shock as Tong Tong didn’t show any symptoms until it was too late. 

“I was shocked ’cos I didn’t know her condition was that critical,” shared the 54-year-old, who had brought Tong Tong to the vet after staying up and taking care of her sick pet the whole night before.

Ah Jie added that Tong Tong’s death was particularly hard on her two younger sons, Ashton and Nathan, but “we are getting better”.

In a separate interview with AsiaOne, Tay revealed that she had advised her sons, including her oldest Brayden, to think about how “our dog will always be with us, and to use (her death) as positive energy to do well (in the exams)”.

The veteran actress and star of the upcoming Mediacorp drama You Can Be An Angel 4 even stayed home for a few days to help her sons cope with the grief as they were having their school exams when Tong Tong died.

“I believe that everything in life happens for a reason. And I share with my kids to always remember the best things that happened,” Tay told AsiaOne.

Tay has two other furry friends, Pepper and Snowball.

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