With Vettai’s fifth season comes Shabir’s ‘final’ rendition of the hit theme song

When police drama Vettai premiered on Vasantham in 2010, it was an instant hit. Its success was closely tied to the force of its theme song, composed and performed by Shabir, who was also one of the show’s lead actors.

Over the years, the song hasn’t waned in popularity, and neither has the show.

Three seasons of Vettai are now available on Netflix, making it accessible to a new range of audiences.

Vettai’s fifth season has just been released and stars Eswari Gunasagar, Gunalan Morgan, Vignesh Wadarajan and Thavanesan Sivananthan as investigators of new crimes. “Vettai” is Tamil for “the hunt”.

Concurrently, Shabir has released what he calls his “fifth and final” rendition of the theme song. And for the first time, the Vettai song is available to download on all music streaming platforms.

This version of the song is a collaboration with Malaysian artist Yogi B, who Shabir calls “the godfather of Tamil hiphop”.

In a parodic video uploaded to social media, Shabir joked that he and his co-producer had done the impossible: Rewrite a song four times.

Fans will also be happy to hear that Shabir has released all the Vettai soundtracks from the previous seasons on his YouTube channel, Shabir Music Official.

Vettai 5 is available on meWATCH.

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